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New IFA Index Portfolio 95

Highly Aggressive: Suitable for investors who have at least 15 years before needing approximately 20% of their investments and are willing to accept a very high degree of volatility in exchange for extremely high portfolio growth potential.

Stock to Bond
(95% Stocks / 5% Bonds)

Portfolio Allocation

Figure 1: New IFA Index Portfolio 95 Allocation
100 Allocations Available to Clients
IFA Indexes*
(Click links for definition of IFA indexes)
Allocation (%)Number of Stocks & Bonds*Wtd Avg Mkt Cap (in $ Mill)*Wtd Avg Book to Market*
IFA US Large Company Index11.40504$132,8490.420
IFA US Large Cap Value Index11.40258$94,1190.710
IFA US Small Cap Index19.002,125$1,9610.520
IFA US Small Cap Value Index19.001,542$3,0430.750
IFA Global REIT Index4.75377$13,0740.560
IFA International Value Index5.70545$53,2700.950
IFA International Small Company Index5.704,208$2,0040.710
IFA International Small Cap Value Index5.702,188$2,3081.090
IFA Emerging Markets Index3.801,079$39,9410.640
IFA Emerging Markets Value Index3.802,216$25,0311.060
IFA Emerging Markets Small Cap Index4.753,293$1,4000.750
IFA One-Year Fixed Income Index1.25N/AN/AN/A
IFA Two-Year Global Fixed Income Index1.25N/AN/AN/A
IFA Short Term Government Index1.25N/AN/AN/A
IFA Five-Year Global Fixed Income Index1.25N/AN/AN/A
*As of Friday, October 31, 2014Total:100.00%18,335$35,0150.688

Figure 2

FactSheet Figure 2 and 3 for NEWport

Figure 4

Figure 5

General Asset Allocations of the NEW IFA Index Portfolios (NEWports)

Figure 6

Risk Return Scatter Plot of IFA Index Portfolios and IFA Indexes

Figure 7

Time Diversification of NEW IFA Index Portfolio

Figure 8

Why Diversify? Stocks vs. Indexes and New IFA Index Portfolios

Figure 9

Histograms of Simulated Passive Investor Experiences (New IFA Index Portfolios)

Figure 10

Simulated Passive Investor Experiences (SPIEs) New Portfolios

Figure 11

Distribution of Monthly Returns of IFA New Index Portfolios and Sim. SP500

Figure 12

Positive vs. Negative Returns in Various Time Periods (New IFA Index Portfolios)

Figure 13

High-Median-Low Monthly Rolling Period Analysis IFA New Portfolios

Figure 14

Index Comparisons

Figure 15

IFA Index Portfolio Comparisons

Figure 16

Roller Coaster of Risk and Return for NEW IFA Index Portfolios and IFA Indexes

Figure 17

Style Drifters: Can You Pick the Next Asset Class Winner?               Rewind/Play:

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Style Drifters: Can You Pick the Next Industrial Sector Winner?        Rewind/Play:

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Style Drifters: Can You Pick the Next Country Winner?

Figure 20

Investor Success at Capturing Fund Returns With and Without Passive Advisors